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Scalable Multi-Chip Quantum Architectures Enabled by Cryogenic Wireless/Quantum-Coherent Network-in-Package

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Invited Talks, Lectures and Panels

  • C.G. Almudever, “Quantum Compilation: Crossing the NISQ era”, Invited talk at the 5th International Workshop on Quantum Compilation, Paris, France, July 2023.
  • C.G. Almudever, Invited Talk at Amazon: “Quantum Compilation: crossing the NISQ era”, Online, 5 October 2023.
  • E. Alarcon, S. Abadal, A. Garcia, and C.G. Almudever, Panel Discussion: “Quantum Computing Ecosystem in Spain”, Barcelona, Spain, 8 November 2023.
  • E. Alarcon, S. Abadal, F. Sebastiano, M. Babaie, and C.G. Almudever, Focus Session: “Towards Large Scale Quantum Computing Design, at DATE 2024,” Valencia, Spain, 25-27 March 2023.